Be Active

Quick Tips

It is important to stay active and keep your body moving, as this helps to fight off disease and reduce the risk of serious illnesses. It may not be an instant miracle cure but the benefits of exercise can be huge! Check out our quick tips below. Some might sound a bit obvious, but how often do we actually do it? Try them for a few weeks and see the benefits!

1. Less sitting, more moving

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Sometimes a hectic schedule gets in the way – but there are little things you can do to make sure you move around a little bit more.  Sitting down for too long can slow your metabolism and may cause weight gain. It has also been linked to type 2 diabetes, cancer and premature death. So get up as often as you can!

Instead of taking the nearest train or bus, try and walk an extra stop.

Challenge yourself to walk the stairs instead of taking the lift for the entire week.

2. It's the little things

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If you are taking a phone call, have a little walk at the same time.

Instead of watching the TV in an evening, make a plan to try a different activity on two evenings a week.

If you want to watch your favourite programme why not take a quick lap of the room during the adverts?

You may not know this, but doing intensive housework such as washing the car or hoovering, are great ways of keeping active!

3. Get into a routine

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Making a plan means you are more likely to stick to it. Even if this involves taking a quick walk around the block, plan to meet someone so you are more likely to commit to it!

Check out this quick guide to a 12-week exercise plan to improve overall health and wellbeing. 

4. Get others involved

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Encourage friends and family to come along to a new class for a laugh or organise an activity as a group. This will make it less daunting and you may even enjoy it!

If you have children, try doing fun energetic activities which will benefit both you and them – you may even tire them out! Try letting them pick the activity so they are fully invested in the idea. Check out our activities map.

5. Challenge yourself

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Set a target for yourself or as a group as a motivation to exercise. Why not try the 10,000 steps per day challenge or Couch to 5k

Try to do something active on your daily commute – cycling and walking are great alternatives to driving and public transport. Even if you just get off a few stops early on your bus or train route to walk, it all counts! If you need to take the car, try parking away from the entrance to allow for some extra walking.

6. Break it down

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Split your activity up into to more manageable chunks to fit activity into your day – instead of 45 minutes of exercise, you could do three 15 minute activities throughout the day. 

If you are unsure how much physical activity you should be doing per day, check out these useful guidelines.

7. Become a member

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Join a gym that is nearby, or on your commute to work – if you pass it every day you are more likely to go. Alternatively, you can try some exercises from home. Check out our exercise videos!

8. Ways to monitor your movement

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You can monitor your movement in a variety of different ways; smartphones now come with step counters and distance measures of how far you are walking each day. You can also choose to invest in a wearable - these include iWatches, FitBits or any other electronic device that can give you viewable statistics on your daily health. 

By monitoring your movement, you are more consciously able to increase the amount of activity you take part in each day - for example setting yourself progressive step or distance goals. 

Check out our list of apps for more activity tools on the go!