Be Active

Who can help me to be more active?

1. Just Live Well

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Just Live Well is a 12 month programme that aims to help Croydon residents to improve their health. Clients can be supported to quit smoking, lose weight, eat more healthily, become more physically active, cut down on alcohol or improve mental wellbeing. This is offered by a team of trained advisors based around Croydon who use motivational interviewing and goal-setting to help you make meaningful changes to your life.

For more information on the Just Live Well service click here or to find out if you are eligible please complete the JustBe Health MOT 

2. The Healthwise Physical Activity Referral Scheme

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The Healthwise physical activity referral scheme (PARS) is for Croydon residents (or those registered with a Croydon GP) who are physically inactive and have an existing medical health condition which could be improved through increasing physical activity (for details of eligible health conditions please click here.)  

Eligible Croydon residents will receive 12 weeks’ of physical activity support at regular training sessions. This is followed by, up to, three years of access to discounted monthly membership, to encourage you to continue to stay active independently.

If you think you might be eligible to participate in the Healthwise Physical Activity Referral Scheme, please speak to your GP so they can make a referral for you.