Be a Healthy Weight

Who can help me to lose weight?

Find local services that can help you make meaningful changes to your diet and your waistline.

1. Live Well

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We know that being overweight affects the way we feel about ourselves, but it can have a big impact on our health too, making us more prone to everything from aching joints to increasing our risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Fortunately, Live Well – our FREE 12-week programme designed to help Croydon residents improve their health and wellbeing – can help you to lose those extra pounds. 

Our advisors are specially trained in helping people to tackle unhealthy habits, which could be having a negative impact on their daily life or affecting relationships with family and friends. If you have struggled in making these changes in the past, our Live Well programme can help you to succeed - this time for good. 


Over 12-weeks, our advisers will:

-       Devise a personalised programme to suit YOU

-       Provide you with plenty of resources

-       Introduce you to activities to get you moving more


For more information on our Live Well service click here.

Or, find out if you are eligible by completing the JustBe Health Checker