Be Smoke Free

Who can help me quit smoking?

Need some help to kick the habit and give up smoking for good? Check out the help and services available to help you.

1. Just Live Well

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Just Live Well is a 12 month programme that aims to help Croydon residents to improve their health. Clients can be supported to quit smoking, lose weight, eat more healthily, become more physically active, cut down on alcohol or improve mental wellbeing. This is offered by a team of trained advisors based around Croydon who use motivational interviewing and goal-setting to help you make meaningful changes to your life.

For more information on the Just Live Well service click here or to find out if you are eligible please complete the Just Be Health MOT 

2. NHS Smokefree

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Looking to speak to someone about your quit attempt? Call the FREE NHS smoking helpline on 0300 123 1044

Speak to a smoking adviser by using the NHS Smokefree webchat service.

Get free support through email, SMS text message or the NHS Smokefree App by completing this quick and easy form. 

3. Quit by myself

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Some people prefer to try and quit without help from the NHS. If this is you, try these quick tips. You will increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking by 100% if you use stop smoking medicines. Click here for some really useful advice on the medications on offer in Croydon.

You might also want to try using e-cigarettes to help you quit smoking. Click here for some additional advice on using e-cigarettes. 

Also, you can check out our handy videos and podcasts to help you with your quit journey.