Walking in Croydon - why not get involved with your local walks?

By Bob, Selsdon

On Saturday 30th September, over 60 walkers converged on Queen’s Gardens in Croydon from six separate starting points.  This annual celebratory walk was for participants to meet up for a social gathering after their morning’s exercise.  Croydon Health Walks has been running for, I think, 17 years now - a good reason to celebrate.

There were walks from Hamsey Green - New Addington, Selsdon Woods - Gravel Hill, Lloyd Park and Norbury.  I was on the one from Gravel Hill, our route was about 5 miles (8 km) on a very pleasant sunny day.

There are walks six days a week somewhere in Croydon and Nordic Walks once a week from Lloyd Park. Take a look on the Walking for Health website or the JustBe activity finder and try one of these walks, or book a place on a Nordic Walking taster session by emailing  There are venues all around the borough and three different levels, so pick the one that suits you. Oh and they are free!

I’m a leader for Gravel Hill and also the Nordic Walking, so I’m declaring an interest in these walks, however my main interest is keeping myself and other walkers fit!

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