Be Alcohol Aware



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Drink Coach

Want to cut down but not really sure how? Drink Coach helps to track how much alcohol you're drinking as well as hangovers, cravings and any accidents linked to your drinking. You can also set up personalised messages to help you cut down at specific times and places!

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Morning After Calculator

If you've had something to drink the night before but not quite sure how long to wait, the Morning After Calculator app helps to give you an idea of how many hours you should wait before driving to ensure you're not above the drink driving limit.

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Drinkaware app

As well as helping you to track how much you're drinking, the Drinkaware app allows you to set goals, no drink days and weak spots to help you in cutting back how much alcohol you drink.



Units of Alcohol

We've all heard of units, but how well do you know your units? This quick video explains how many units are in different drinks and the impact on your health. 

Alcohol and the Heart

Alcohol doesn't just affect your liver, it can also affect your heart. Find out how in this quick video.

Alcohol and Weight

There can be lots of calories in alcohol - see how alcohol can increase body fat. 

Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

Alcohol might make some men more confident, but it can have an impact on your sex life. See how alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction. 

The Effects of Alcohol

Having a drink or two can be used to celebrate a job promotion, help you cope with a stressful day at the office or just make your dining experience complete. But drinking too much can impact your health in several ways.


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