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7 Cups of Tea

Sometimes you might find it difficult to speak to someone you know about your wellbeing. 7 Cups of Tea allows you to have anonymous and confidential conversations with trained listeners to support you.

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Happy Healthy

Happy Healthy is a great app to help you track your wellbeing as well as give you expert advice and coaching. 

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Self-help Anxiety Management

Self-Help Anxiety Management is your personal self-help management tool. This app helps you to not only track your anxiety, but also provides you with a range of exercises. 

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Headspace - Guided meditation

Headspace offers mindfulness at your fingertips. This app can help you to connect with how you're feeling and understand your emotions. There are also some techniques that can calm you down and cope with stressful situations.



What is CBT?

If you're feeling low or anxious, you might be offered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT is a goal orientated technique that helps individuals to overcome difficulties with their cognitive processing. Watch the video to find out more about how CBT works.

How to Relax

Here are eight quick tips to help you when you're stressed, worried or feeling low.

Physical Activity and Mental Health

Here are five ways physical activity can make you feel better and feel good.

How Food Impacts Your Mood

Eating can have an impact on your mood - see what you can do to feel good.

Speak to your GP About Mental Health

If you're feeling low or anxious, your GP can often help you. You might not be sure of what to say when you go for your appointment, here are some tips if you decide to speak to your GP.

Managing Stress

Stress can have a bad impact on your wellbeing if not managed in a healthy way. Here are some quick tips on what you can do to reduce your stress levels.


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