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My Sex Doctor

You might have some questions about sex that you're not sure who to ask, or just getting some information. My Sex Doctor is an easy and friendly app that can help you learn about sex. From things you should know to a sex dictionary and a symptom checker!

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If you've run out of condoms and are in need, iCondom allows you to find the nearest place to buy condoms. It also allows other users to add in new locations if they currently aren't on the map.



Living with HIV

Living with HIV might be seen as a life sentence by some. Pastor Elizabeth shares her story of being diagnosed as HIV positive and how she has overcome stigma.

Sex after birth

Maggie talks about having sex after pregnancy and the importance of contraception.

Living with HIV: a Positive Future

Mohammed shares his experience of living with HIV and how an early diagnosis has meant he lives a healthy and fulfilling life.

The importance of HIV Testing

Stephen Fry talks about the importance of being tested and how everyone has a part to play in preventing HIV.


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