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Stop smoking meditation

Feeling anxious from trying to quit smoking? Try this meditation app which aims to help you relax and cope with cravings.

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Quit Smoking Now: Quit Buddy

Get help and useful advice from someone who has been through the tough ordeal of quitting smoking.

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Live Strong My QuitCoach

Want a way to set goals and targets throughout your quit attempt? This app aims to keep track of your progress and budget, earning awards along the way. 

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NHS Smokefree

Check out this free resource from NHS Smokefree, which gives daily motivational hints and tips.



Quitting smoking Advice from Allen Carr

Allen Carr shares his experience of being a smoker and four myths he believes act as a barrier to people quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking: timeline of health improvement

This fun video helps to demonstrate the positives of quitting smoking, as well as highlighting the benefits of being smokefree over different periods of time.


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