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National HIV Testing Week

National HIV Testing Week starts on Saturday 17th November and there's no better time to get tested and know your status.

That's because it's estimated that around one in eight people living with HIV don't know they have the virus. Which means they're not accessing the support available or the treatment they need to look after their health and prevent HIV being passed on to anyone else.

The treatment now available for HIV is very effective and not only does it restore people to good health but also helps reduce the onward transmission of HIV.

Getting tested for HIV is easy and quick and you will receive your result within 15 minutes. Between 17th November and 1st December, there will be extra testing venues in Croydon to encourage even more people to get tested. Free and confidential HIV testing is available all year at Croydon University Hospital, GP surgeries and other clinical settings.

Visit the website to find out where you can get a HIV test in your area.