Christmas Calories – Make sure you can enjoy all your Christmas favourites… but still eat well!

By JustBe Croydon

We all know that Christmas is the time of year to relax and unwind and spend some time with the people you love, enjoying some nice little treats. Many might say that the food is a very important part of Christmas. We’ve put together a short list of calorie totals that might catch you out this time of year, as well as including some simple ways to combat those extra little indulgences over the festive period.

Watch out for those little extra treats!

Christmas is not Christmas without a nice tin of biscuits or sweet little treats to share amongst family and friends. We’ve devised a short list of calorie amounts to help you stay on top of your eating habits, with some handy little swaps to help you make the most of Christmas without missing out on those favourite treats.

Did you know – the average selection box contains over one thousand calories?


The main event

Christmas dinner can be a big affair in any household, with the main meal lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Here’s a quick snapshot of the average calories you may be consuming:

For more guidance on food calorie content, check out the calorie counter on the NHS website.


Simple swaps

Watching your intake doesn’t mean you have to go without all of your Christmas favourites. Check out a few simple things you can change to still enjoy your Christmas dinner, without eating excessive amounts of calories.

Instead of helping yourself to a turkey leg, swap to turkey breast
Help yourself to some lovely fresh new potatoes instead of too many roast potatoes
Indulge in lots of fresh, steamed vegetables instead of cauliflower cheese
Larger roast potatoes or parsnips absorb less fat than smaller ones – go for a few larger potatoes/parsnips as opposed to many small crispy ones
Use a chestnut or fruit based stuffing instead of a meat based stuffing, which are often lower in fat
Swap your brandy butter sauce for a low-fat alternative custard.


The British Heart Foundation also has some great ideas for healthy Christmas food swaps. Find out more



People like to enjoy their favourite tipple this time of year, which can often be forgotten added calories. Here’s a little guidance on the average calorie values of some of the favourite tipples for Christmas.

Take these three wise steps - Eat, Pace, Plan - to ensure you have great Christmas and New Year celebrations. Find out more here.


Sugar Smart Croydon

Croydon is a SUGAR SMART borough. People are being encouraged to get involved by finding out about the risks to their health of having too much added sugar in their daily diet.

You can get involved here


Activity ideas

To offset those potential extra calories, check out some every day tasks you could be doing, which could even just be jobs around the house! Instead of sleeping off the Christmas Dinner, why not go for a walk in one of Croydon’s green spaces?


Be realistic

The most important thing to remember for Christmas is this:

Everything in moderation and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Merry Christmas from the JustBe Croydon team


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